E-book. Publisher Punctum, 2013
ISBN 978-606-93380-0-1, 44 pages, 117 MB
Photographs, videos and sound recording by Cosmin Bumbutz
Introduction by Gabriel Liiceanu

Transit is a portrayal of the Romanian train from the 90’s.The world made of rusty iron is inhabited by pictorial characters from “a world that seems to move at the limit of its own existence”: there is the Godfather, the all mighty ticket controller, flapping a yellow flag which announced the train driver they were ready to take off, the carol singers with the stuffed bears, the boy who celebrates his birthday, the daily travelers, men and women, wrapped in their rigid clothes. The huge windows offer a glimpse outside to the glacial universe in which the only warm thing is the steam. This photo album records a slice of life in the Romania of the 90s, a world were people dress in grey, move slowly and keep silent.
Texts are in English and Romanian.

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