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Digigraphie® prints on Epson Traditional Photo Paper 300g

Aceste printuri sint realizate prin procesul Digigraphie. Fiecare lucrare este numerotata si semnata de artist pe spate, embosata si insotita de un certificat de autenticitate care mentioneaza titlul, tipul hirtiei, numarul fotografiei din editie si data la care a fost printata. Toate fotografiile fac parte dintr-o editie limitata. Cind editia se epuizeaza, nu vor mai exista printuri suplimentare.

These prints were made using Digigraphie process. Each piece of work is numbered and signed by the artist on the back, embossed and comes with a signed, dated, numbered and stamped certificate of authenticity. Each print is part of a limited-edition. Once the limited-edition quantity is reached, there are no additional prints. How to buy >

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